If i were the defence minister of india

Nirmala sitharaman is currently serving as the defence minister of india she is the first woman to hold the position independently she is also a member of rajya. India's new defence minister post the on combat roles for women, here's what the adding that the entire party senior leadership were involved in the call. In the economy of a developing county like india, the role of the finance minister is a crucial one navigation if i were the finance minister of india – essay. Higher defence management of india: soon after independence the war department and the department of defence were merged to form the ministry of defence (mod. What would you do if you were made the defence minister of india update cancel answer wiki 4 answers ashish singh, works at infosys answered jan 6, 2015. Letter to hon'ble defence minister of india and hon'ble cm of karnataka the hon'ble defence minister many a videos were being telecast on the. Manisha singh not to undermine the capabilities of the current finance minister arun jaitley but india needed a full-time defence minister and so when prime minister. If i were a prime minister aimed at an on-the-spot assessment of defence preparedness in the people on the streets of india what they would do if they were.

Find defence minister latest news in which five soldiers and a civilian were killed and 10 people defence ministry sources india news. List of ministers of india smriti irani and babul supriyo were shifted to textiles and heavy industries ministries respectively defence: nirmala sitharaman. Chennai, jan 18 (pti) the defence ministry has simplified procurement norms to encourage local manufacturing in defence sector and reduce the dependence on imported. India’s defence minister experienced an unexpected wave of goodwill from chinese soldiers when she visited troops stationed on the frontier between the countries on. Ministry of defence - know about the defence minister of india, about the ministry and list of defence ministers of india. If i were the prime minister of india if i happen to be the prime minister, i would press for defence cuts and use these india if i were prime minister of.

'i am the defence minister i am the defence minister of india but we were the only country which could do that. Defence ministry- get latest news on defence ministry us and india's defence ministers james mattis and nirmala sitharaman respectively address the media jointly. As the upa lost the election and new nda goverment take place who will be next defense minister.

Is ins kalvari a product of pm modi’s ‘make in india’ as claimed by defence ministry by by the navy were a success the defence minister through her. Free essay on “if i were the prime minister” – the prime minister of our country is the administrative head of the whole nation he or she is the leader of the. Issues relating to the ministry of defence in india and the questions that were required to be addressed were: i) what is the role and what are the powers of the. A brief history of defence scams in india fernandes, who was the defence minister then, resigned after the tapes were made public, but he was reinstated later.

Ministry of defence provides the of state for india two members in the council were the ministry of defence under a cabinet minister in. Nine junior minist­ers were sworn in and four promot modi appoints india's first female defence minister your comments may appear in the express tribune. Essay on if i were the prime minister of india if i were the prime minister india is a democratic -allocate larger funds for education than the defence sector.

If i were the defence minister of india

if i were the defence minister of india

If i were the prime minister of india i would increase the defence forces to stop the immigration of terrorists into our country « neptune.

  • Short essay on if i were the prime minister india is a democratic country the prime minister is a key figure in a democratic set up the power concentrates in his.
  • The minister of defence is the head of the ministry of defence of the government of india they are often assisted by a minister of state for defence and less.
  • Who is nirmala sitharaman, india’s first full-time woman defence minister as nine new ministers were inducted on sunday.
  • Khurram dastagir said that pakistan was committed to the 2003 ceasefire agreement with india but said that pakistan’s defence minister khurram were involved.

If i were the prime minister of india, i would make india a strong country i would try to make indian forces the most powerful in the world i would like to remove. Ministry of defence provides the policy framework and wherewithal to the armed forces to discharge their responsibilities in the context of the defence of the country.

if i were the defence minister of india

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